Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unibroue Maudite

Brewery: Unibroue (Unibrew)
Style: Strong Ale
ABV: 8.0%

Maudite, a French word translating loosely to accursed or damned.

I had high hopes for this French Canadian brew as I have tasted both the Trois Pistoles and La Fin Du Monde, both of which I will review at a later date. Needless to say though those two left an impression and created high expectation for our brewers from Québec. Complexity is one thing they are well known for along with their bottle conditioning.

So as with their other recipes I found myself rolling this bottle trying to get the sediment mixed in. Once I felt a sufficient rolling was completed popped the cork and began the pour. The color of this beer was of dark caramel with a thin lacy head that turned to just a ring around the glass.

The aroma was very malty with a hint of roastiness, pretty sure thats not a real word outside the world of beer. The smell went will with the color of the liquid sitting in my glass.

The initial sips of this beer left nothing to be desired, an amazing flavor fills the mouth and hits every taste bud. While my palate isn't the worst it was difficult separating the different flavors. The brew was very malty with a slight sweetness that was well balanced by only a hint of bitterness. The finish was that of caramel which was expected based on the shade of brown in my glass. After a few sips I began to also pick up a hint of ginger. I am sure there are things I had missed with this and as my palate gets better I plan to try this one again to find them.

This gets a solid A+ from me as a beer I plan to enjoy more of. My mother, who doesn't care for beer, even said she enjoyed the taste that came with this one!


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