Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bell's Winter White Ale

Brewer: Bell's
Style: White Ale
ABV: 4.5%

I recently picked this up from Wegman's along with 5 other "Winter" beers, got to love craft packs. This is actually the first Bell's beer I have ever had and have heard mixed reviews on their different beers.

While it looks like my bottle took a little beating it still had plenty of unfiltered sediment waiting at the bottom. A little bottle rolling to get that mixed in and I began the pour. A beautiful, hazy golden liquid poured from the bottle into my glass. There was very little head to go along with this golden beer, only a slight lace at the top.

The aroma was mild and primarily of cloves and really nothing else that I could pick up, nose is a little stuffed up thanks to the winter chill outside.

The first thing noticed upon drinking was the carbonation, very tingly on the tongue. It hid some of the flavor at first and didn't actually get a good taste until the finish. While clean it has very sweet honey notes.

Over all the beer is light and has a good finish and I could see myself putting a few of these down in the summer as thats when I prefer wheat beers. Over all I would give it a C+


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