Thursday, December 9, 2010

Double Bastard Ale

Brewer: Stone Brewing Company
Style: American Strong Ale
ABV 11.2%
Country: USA, California

"Ye Shall Know the Bastard, and the Bastard Shall Set You Free." Another proclamation from the bottle of another Stone beer. As I said in my review of the Ruination IPA, Stone beers are not for the faint of heart. This bottle even claims that it "is not to be wasted on the tentative and weak. Only the worthy are invited and only at your own risk." Between the warnings on the bottle and the 11% ABV, I knew this was going to be a powerhouse of a brew.

I poured the 220z bomber into my sturdy stein. It poured a dark, rich brown with a thick, fluffy, white head. The glass was cloudy and hazy giving off a foreboding vibe. Cautiously sticking my nose into the glass, I was greeted with a wave full of alcohol mixed with caramel and a bit of chocolate thrown in.

My hand was shaking as I took my first sip. I was greeted with a rush of flavor from every direction. The first flavor that hit me was a smooth caramel maltiness joined with a load of smooth bitterness. Partially subsiding, the bitterness gave way to a blast of fruity hops mixed with a wave of alcohol. Behind the alcohol were hints of spices such as cinnamon and cloves. This is quite a complex beer. The body was full and thick with the right amount of carbonation allowing me to savor the beer as long as I had the strength of will to tame this beast. A deep warming flowed from my toes to my ears as it went down.

Another strong showing from the fellas at Stone. This had many more flavors swirling around than the Ruination and was more balanced as well. Plenty of nuances to discover with each sip of this monster. This is an excellent beer for those that can tolerate the power. I welcome all that think they are worthy to partake in this liquid excellence. I'd drink this Bastard, SOB again in a heartbeat. A+

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  1. I assumed this was Bo because of the weight, but the text screamed alex. Glad I didn't lock in my final answer until I read a bit :-P