Tuesday, December 21, 2010

San Miguel Dark Lager

Brewer: San Miguel Corporation
Style: Dark Lager
ABV: 5%
Country: Philippines

Pours dark, not totally opaque like a stout or a porter. One finger off-white head, leaves a thin lace and nice rings. Aroma is nice, smells like toasted caramel and honey. taste is sweet and bubbly, body is medium. Finishes dry with molasses making an appearance. Slight bitterness in the finish. Sweetness is a bit much and could use more bitterness to make a more balanced brew. The molasses finish is close to how the Baltika should have finished; less overpowering but still tasty. If this had the initial taste of the Baltika with the San Miguel finish, it would make an excellent beer. As is, this is pretty good but it would be hard to have several in one sitting. B-


  1. Jeez 5 in a row from Alex. Bo and Roy are slacking. Also, can we request beer reviews? I'd like to see an Alex style review of the schlafly christmas ale.

  2. LOL. I actually have 3 reviews that I need to write. Alex is a freakin beer drinking machine though.

  3. I'm sure roy is drinking plenty as well :-P

  4. Its all about scheduling the posts. I drink in spurts, a few one night and a few the next and I'll take a break.

  5. I'm in still in FL so haven't had much time for proper write ups but stay tuned for some local stuff. AFter reading all these over seas reviews, I need to go shopping.