Thursday, December 30, 2010

Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

Brewer: Samuel Adams
Style: Bock
ABV: 5.8%
Country: USA, Massachusetts

Still working through the winter ales from Sam Adams. Seeing how its a good time to overindulge on anything chocolate related, I figured the chocolate bock would be a good choice to guzzle down. A bock is a style of strong German Lager. Usually they are malty and lightly hopped. At only 5.8% this is a bit lighter than typical bocks which clock in at the 6-7% range.

Poured a dark porter like color. Mostly black body that carried some caramel coloring around the edges when held up to a light.

The aroma contains plenty of chocolate all over the place. Absolutely delicious smelling. This is up there with Founder's Breakfast Stout when it comes to great aroma. This smells like dark chocolate with a hints of alcohol and coffee, similar to a mocha liqueur, beautiful.

Lots of sweet malts upfront containing plenty of chocolate flavor. A medium body and light carbonation make this an easy beer to savor. A light bitterness gave way to a nice silky finish. This was a very delicious desert beer for a chocolate lover. Yummy! B+

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